Merciful International Guild was formed in the year 2003 with the sole aim of creating society where women, youth, children and men are valued equally and their human rights respected.


We strive to alleviate poverty and promote health, education, water and sanitation, sound living standards of the youth, women, HIV/AIDS victims Orphans and neglected old people.


We operate nationally and have been working closely with the local communities in the fields of human rights and food security and have participated in civic education 2010.

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We are committed to be the leading humanitarian organization in Kenya, self-sustaining and delivering excellent quality service of preventing alleviating of human suffering to the most vulnerable in the community & and build capacity and respond with vigor, compassion and empathy to those suffering and affected or at risk in the most effective and efficient manner. Dissemination of the fundamental principles, protecting the environment, Relief distribution, accessing remote areas & Reducing human suffering by reaching out to the needy by supporting the most vulnerable {disabled & poor} and by so doing save lives this shall compassionately remain in our hearts

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