Touched by the Hand of Mercy 

The heightening pandemic COVID-19 scourge, has made MIG Golden Heart extend further its daily operations of aiding the less fortunate members of societies within and outside Kinangop constituency in Nyandarua county. Our newly established” MIG GOLDEN HEART” programs department, have set aside remarkable schedule whereby members of our organisation committee shall design and make inside job-production of face mask. We have discovered with great shock that many of our people cant afford these essential requirements and many still are in dare need of food sanitizers, soaps and other necessities that go inline with health matters.


Program Extension

Due to the growing numbers of our people whose daily channels of living earning have been affected by their limited movements in their quest for food and money. Merciful International Guild  has extended our mission in fight against this pandemic. This however has made us make a quick decision in accessing the people around Nyandarua county in central region Kenya East Africa. A Few days ago we begun our new exercise in mass production of face masks that are done in house by our tailoring experts we donated the first bunch to over 500 needy people.

MIG is deeply considered about welfare of the people in this hard and trying times of economic constraints where normalcy in their lives is far.

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Accessing the needy Families

Great people of our Lord Jesus Christ, besides your support to this major course, We appeal to you all to give us more support, that is very crucial in this mission, the support include foodstuffs, face masks, sanitizers and soaps.

As our National government strives to combat this manace of covid -19 pandemic across the county ( KENYA) many rural resident have not be able to learn more measures in fighting the scourge. MIG have structured some health tips that shall enable our people to learn more about the outbreak and come up with sharp and meticulous means to protect themselves from this deadly disease

”The most efficient and accumulate move to sensitize our people about the menace is to educate our youth about the measures that used to be put in place to fight the severe spread of this deadly outbreak. We need to hire are and commission Health experts , in order to have seminars conducted at each and every village that we donate both face masks food-staffs,soaps,sanitizers and other human and Health related essentials . By so doing we therefore extend our appeal to you all to come to our support we safe these God fearing people , ” says our group operations secretary. from reality. In our mass- production exercise we are forced by circumstances to purchase materials and design these face masks depending on sizes, since even children are part of the needy recipients.

Be Part of this Noble Mission

Our primary philosophy is to improve educate facilitate and administer the well being of the most less fortunate people in the society and so we commit ourselves fully to this noble calling, whose source of inspiration comes from Jesus Christ, for He loves this world so much that He had to loose His precious life for. MIG shall treat your contributions with appreciative feelings and enthusiasms,since we believe in the word of ”love” toward each other at all times we live in this world extending love, is extending your generous hands, and continuing to the Aid of those masses that urgently call for your attention. We all pray to God for Him to pour His blessing upon our daily endeavors at every thing we do in the struggle to make our lives better.

Please consider Supporting this Mission

Please chip in and join hands with us in this humanitarian act of aiding our needy people during these difficult times.  Your contributions shall be greatly appreciated.