During our Conference at Engineer, there were two Ladies from Samburu who attended and were impressed by first aid lesson and also in attendance were two other Ladies who hailed from that region but stays in Kinangop, Favored Esther and Isabella. All the four have been begging us to go to Samburu to train their people who are in dire need of the training particularly First Aid and Snakebite Kits.

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They are about 400 miles away from Nairobi city, in a region full of big Snakes and where bandits menace is witnessed almost often. Many tombs of children and adults buried after they are killed by snakes are seen. Many do not survive.

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The people burn tires at night to keep snakes away.  The scarcity of water is another problem. Hospitals are miles away.  Everybody here is at higher risk of being bitten by a snake.

The administration will offer security to avoid being attacked by Bandits. Language is another problem they do not understand Swahili and English and so we shall be provided with an interpreter.

We shall carry water and food for them and enough provisions for the team.

Majority of residents walk naked and their Hygiene level is far much below average. Bathing basin is also used for cooking. Enough food; A four wheel drive, Accommodation, enough kits teach