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Merciful International Guild (MIG) was formed in the year 2003 and registered as NGO with the sole aim of creating society where women, youth, children and men are valued equally and their human rights respected and appreciated. Over the years we have implemented the projects that address the disparities in social, health and economic sectors in the geographical set up of Kenya.

MIG implements its programmes using three (3) main programme delivery methodologies:

Training and Workshops

Capacity Building and Learning

Feeding the Hungry

Promoting Child Education

In 2014 Merciful International Guild entered its eleventh year of operation. It embarked on implementing its most challenging Annual Work Plan due to limited project funds. Given that Merciful International Guild surpassed the challenges. It was therefore desirable that the annual planning process for 2014 be preceded by a review of MIG performance during the preceding year 2013.

This review was conducted in January 2014. It revealed that whereas MIG encountered a number of challenges in 2013 in the course of project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation stages, these challenges served to provide it with invaluable lessons that helped it to classify its vision and strategic focus, and to improve its ability to support the needy community in Kenya and Nyandarua County to be specific at one of the most crucial periods in its history and the History of Nyandarua County.

We enumerate some of the project we have implemented in the last four years.

  • Capacity building for the improved governance and marketing among the Cooperatives movement in Kenya with a support from International LaborOrganization. This was funded to a tune of Kshs5,000,000.
  • Capacity building for CBO/FBO Leaders on management with support from world impact network which covered two provinces namely Central Province and Rift Valley where 180 Leaders participated to a tune of 2.5m.
  • Capacity building for pastors’ role in community leadership a project covering three counties which include Nyandarua, Kiambu and Nakuru Counties.

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We are committed to be the leading humanitarian in Kenya, self-sustaining and delivering excellent quality service of preventing alleviating of human suffering to the most vulnerable in the community!

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