You Have the Right to Participate in Government Affairs

voting-processKenyans have demonstrated their interest in the participation in the governance of the affairs of their Government through the enactment and promulgation of the new constitution. One of the means to participate in the governance is through participatory in free, peaceful, fair and credible elections. This will use the promise, opportunities, values and ethos as envisage in the new constitution as the basis and frame work of ensuring the credibility of the forthcoming general elections.

This have been thoroughly addressed by the new constitution, however the challenge is in the entrenching the constitutional provisions through the internalizing the ethos and values and development of  the legal and institutional frame work that is required to secure the future elections in Kenya. The six identified counties face a problem of low literacy levels which means that the local community will have difficulties in understanding and internalizing the provisions of the new constitution as pertains to the right of women, persons living with disabilities and the marginalized groups’ participation in elective positions.

Why Civic Education is Important?

Societies have long had an interest in the ways in which their young are prepared for citizenship and in how they learn to take part in civic life. Today that interest might better be described as a concern-in fact as a growing concern, particularly in democratic societies. There is evidence aplenty that no country has achieved the level of understanding and acceptance of the rights and responsibilities among the totality of its citizens that is required for the maintenance and improvement of any constitutional democracy.

We should realize that civic education is essential to sustain our constitutional democracy. The habits of the mind, as well as “habits of the heart,” the dispositions that inform the democratic ethos, are not inherited.

How we do it?

We recruit and train the trainer of trainees recruited to facilitate in the implementation of the program. The trainees are recruited on basis of merits and with our network of collaborators we already have the capacity. The trainees are expected to conduct training in their respective work stations. The trainees are also to mobilize the local communities.
We conduct the training sessions that target women and youth in order to empower them to actively participate in the forthcoming elections by way of seeking elective positions. In this regards we shall conduct seminars and workshops based on the gender segregation to encourage community dialogue on the gains the women voters have gained in the light of the new constitution and the rights of the marginalized members of the community.
Through educating the public on the new constitutional dispensation as regards to the electoral changes in the system and processes, levels of government, political offices created, and the framework to expand citizen political and rights responsibilities.
This ensures that the voters will be educated to maintain peace before, during and after election and the reforms in the judiciary will be highlighted so as to increase confidence on the judicial power to arbitrate the electoral conflict.