Aberdare Vocational Training Center

Since 2007 Merciful International Guild have been training local community. After realizing that poor youths lack education due to lack of finances.  Considering the high number of school dropouts with no jobs we have decided to on sponsorship train those youths and therefore have started ABERDARE VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER which is opening soon. Please pray for the success of this project.

Thanks to World Impact Network for continued partnership in training.

Aberdare Vocational Training Center (AVTC) is a Kenyan based vocational training center founded in 2018 to serve an unmet need in educating Kenya’s most vulnerable youth. Registered this year (2018) its main goal is helping marginalized children grow holistically. One of the cornerstones of the training center is to empower the children with a formal education to enable them to become productive citizens in the community.

Be Part of the Program

AVTC looks forward to serve 150 children and youth. Of these we look forward to offer transport and food daily for education and other services. We cannot support them without your help.

Below are some ways that you can support these vulnerable youth.

Sponsorship Program

Donate $1  to Sponsor 1 Student a Day

Donate $7  to Sponsor 1 Student a Week

Donate $30  to Sponsor 1 Child a Month